Fast Fax Facts You May Not Know About

The Fax machine has a long history with many interesting developments over the years from scanning photo telegraphs to sending faxes over smartphones. Some of these points you may not know about, some may even bring a smile to your face. The team at eFax Australia has put together the most interesting fax facts over the last 173 years broken down by year:
1880 – Scanning PhotoTelegraph: The English inventor Shelford Bidwell invents the Scanning Phototelegraph machine, which is the first telefax machine capable of scanning and sending a two-dimensional image.
1888 – TelAutograph: In 1888 the TelAutograph machine was invented by Elisha Grey which allowed users to send signature images over long distances.
1924 – Wire Transmission: Scientists at the AT&T Corporation advance fax technology further by sending photos by telephone / wire transmission.
1924 – Wireless Transmission: The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) develops the Trans Oceanic Radio Facsimile and successfully transmits a photograph between new York and London.
1924 – Colour Fax: The AT&T corporation invents a fax device which is capable of transmitting the world’s first colour facsimile.
1924 – 6 Minute Fax: It took 6 minutes to send a single page fax
1960 – Satellite Fax: The U.S Army sends the world’s first photograph via satellite facsimile from America to Puerto Rico.
1964 – Telephone Transmission: The first commercialized version of the modern-day fax machine is introduced and patented by the Xerox Corporation using telephone transmission.
1974 – 3 Minute Fax –  It took 3 minutes to send a single page fax.
1982 – 20k for a Fax machine – A fax machine co st $20,000.
1985 – Computer based fax board – GammaLink introduced the first computer based fax board the GammaFax.
1996 – Internet Fax – The first internet fax service is made available to the general public allowing users to send and receive a facsimile via a computer.
2010 – Internet Fax via Apple Devices – eFax launches iOS app, allowing users the ability to fax directly from their Apple devices.
2011 – Internet Fax via Android Devices – eFax launches Android app, enabling users with Android devices to send faxes.
2015 – Dumped by Fax – Prime Minister Tony Abbott reportedly resigned from the nations most powerful leadership position by sending a fax.
2016 – F1 Engine Rules by Fax – The high-speed world of formula One is waiting for final confirmation by fax of the sports 2017 engine regulations.