How to Send a Fax From Microsoft Word

With eFax®, You Can Fax Straight from Microsoft Word

With the free eFax Extension for Microsoft Word®, you can fax a document from within Word itself. No need to print the document or find a fax machine.

Start Faxing From Word

Faxing from Microsoft Word in 4 Easy Steps

1. Get the Free eFax Microsoft Word Extension

Download the free eFax Extension for Word from the Microsoft Office Store.

2. Open eFax Extension in Word

When you're ready to send your word document, open up the eFax extension.

3. Enter Your Fax Information

In the eFax panel that opens in Word, enter the recipient's fax information, and type an optional cover message.

4. Click “Send Fax” and You’re Done

eFax will send you an email confirmation when your fax has been delivered successfully.

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