How To Use A Fax-To-Email Service

Fax-to-email is an innovative service that lets you send and receive faxes, anywhere, anytime through an online account. It means you no longer need a traditional fax machine. Here’s how to use a fax-to-email service.

Set up an online account

To use fax-to-email through eFax, you set up an online account and get a fax number. Others can send you faxes on this number, and you’ll receive them via email. The incoming faxes arrive in your inbox as PDF email attachments.

When it comes to sending, you can fax to a recipient who uses fax-to-email themselves, or a traditional office fax machine. You can also send out faxes to numerous recipients simultaneously.

To all intents and purposes, it will be exactly as if you have a fax machine, without all the cumbersome physical restraints and sizeable cost of resources. Because you can send or receive using your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are no longer tied to the office – you can fax from anywhere.

Share large files through a cloud-based platform

The nature of online fax accounts means that you can not only send out faxes, but share large files such as video clips and image-heavy documents over the internet as well. You simply upload the files, email the intended recipient the link and the password, and they can download the files at their own convenience. No more crashing your email.

Fax-to-email service allows you to track all your history

eFax stores every single fax you’ve ever sent or received, for easy retrieval. For business, this is especially handy when dealing with urgent legal matters or contract disputes. You can search through faxes using keywords, or date or the recipient’s name, which leads to better accessibility. The faxes are no longer a mountain of paper that takes ages to sift through.

Virtual fax means greater security

Virtual faxes are more secure than their physical counterparts. The fax-to-email service uses 128 bit encryption, creating code that is very difficult to crack. Unlike fax machines, people also can’t randomly stumble over confidential documents lying on the machine.

Virtual faxes alert you to safe delivery

Unlike the physical fax machines, online faxes aren’t at the mercy of paper jams or numbers being engaged. They work as efficiently as any email. However, you can still request a confirmation receipt, which goes to your email address when the fax arrives.

Tailor the fax to your business

You have the option to use customized cover sheets, which can be saved and reused depending on your needs. You can also create a digital signature simply by taking a pic of your signature on your smartphone and uploading it. This allows you to append a signature on the bottom of every important document you wish to fax.

Using a fax-to-email service is simple, and fast. If you want to increase the efficiency of your business communications, it’s worth considering switching to online faxing.