How to Send and Receive a Fax by Email

You might not know it, but you no longer need that huge fax machine taking up space in your office – not to mention using copious amounts of expensive paper and toner. Here’s a handy guide on how to send and receive a fax by email instead.

Send faxes

With an account through a virtual fax service like eFax, it’s easy to send faxes anywhere around the world. You get a fax number to use on business cards and in your website contact details.

The process really is that simple. And because you can use either the eFax Mobile App on your smartphone or a web browser on your laptop to send online, you can fax from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Receive faxes

You can also receive faxes just as easily. Your number operates in the same way as any ordinary fax number, but instead of ending up with a paper fax, you receive faxes as PDF attachments to email.

Digital signature and file sharing

Another bonus of the virtual fax is its capacity to provide a digital signature. This means you simply scan in your signature with your smartphone and upload it. This then can be saved and attached to any document. This is especially helpful in a business setting, when you’re trying to send back important contracts in a short timeframe for example.

File sharing is another useful feature. You can upload large files such as PowerPoint presentations, graphics or video files that would choke your email servers, and simply send the recipient a link to download. It’s all done through your fax account, so you keep everything streamlined.

The benefits of online faxing

The beauty of the email-to-fax service is that you can use the service at any location and 24/7. And because it’s done through the cloud, all your fax communications are stored automatically, providing a valuable and easily accessible archive of important communications.

Unlike traditional fax machines, there’s no extra cost when you send a fax overseas or long distance because you’re operating through the internet. You’re also reducing the sizeable costs associated with traditional fax machines such as paper, toner cartridges, phone line rental and maintenance.

Switching is easier than you think

Making the transition to a digital fax service is extremely easy. It simply requires choosing an experienced, capable provider like eFax, and the benefits are immediate. A fax via email service is low cost, secure and extremely efficient.