Why It’s Time To Discard Your Office Fax Machine

Fax machines are one of the few remaining out-dated office systems that have somehow survived. Many businesses have hung onto them partly out of loyalty, but mostly because they aren’t aware there’s a better alternative. Fortunately there is – the virtual fax.

Switch to an online system for mobility and flexibility

Online faxing is very efficient, agile, innovative and in keeping with modern business practices. With online faxing, it’s possible to send and receive faxes from any digital device, at any time. The recipient still receives a fax on their machine (if they use one) and you still have a valid fax number. The system is available 24/7 and doesn’t chain you to one location. You can send faxes locally and internationally. Because your faxes are going online, they have significant speed and you’re able to do other things while sending them. You’re not forced to stand over the fax machine waiting for the all-clear signal.

Office fax machines eat up resources

The old fax machines are not cost-effective by any means. They can be expensive in terms of paper usage, as well as other resources like toner, cartridges and the hefty cost of maintenance. Fax machines also suck up valuable time and are not always user friendly. As a frontline means of business communication, they can often fail. Have you ever been caught out trying to send through an urgent contract to a client, and the phone line is engaged or the paper gets jammed? You don’t have this issue with online faxing, and because you’re going through the internet rather than phone lines, you’re not paying any extra when you send faxes long distance.

Bonus features the fax machine doesn’t have

The online fax solution has many other inclusive features that add to its attraction. These include customized cover sheets, free cloud storage of faxes, and file sharing. If you want to send a client a large PowerPoint presentation or a video clip that’s too big to be attached on email for example, you can simply upload it and give the client access via a link. You can do this with multiple users at the same time, again saving time and money.

Another innovative feature is how you are able to bring up old archived faxes whenever you like. This can be critical for businesses that deal with legal or confidential documents that need to be stored securely.

Losing the fax machine can update your business

Changing over to a virtual fax will bring your fax communications into line with the rest of your electronic systems. The security, speed, flexibility and mobility are just a few of the great reasons to get rid of the office fax machine, and switch to online faxing.