3 Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Green

Being environmentally responsible is not just a good thing for the planet; it also makes economic sense for your business. Here’s three easy ways your business can go green.

Aim to go paperless as much as possible

You can save on expensive paper in the office and cut down on wastage in a number of ways. Get your staff members to follow the “think before you print” rule. Encourage them to question if they really do need to print out all 200 pages of that report, or that lengthy client email. Bring in rules about using recycled paper, and printing double sided to instantly cut down on usage.

Develop an office culture where all internal documents such as leave forms and memos are shared via the cloud rather than printed out. Also think about how much paper is being used to print out documents that need to be archived, and consider moving to the cloud.

Another excellent solution is the virtual fax. Many businesses still use that old stalwart, the fax machine. These chew up a great deal of paper (not just for sending messages but also in error reports). With virtual fax services, you receive faxes as PDF or TIF email attachments, and you can send them from any digital device. It’s quick, reliable, convenient and most of all – paperless.

Do an energy audit and set new energy rules

Audit all of your energy use. Switch to eco-friendly lighting, and consider using automated lights that turn off when there’s no human activity in the room. If possible, bring in rules such as all computers must be shut down when employees leave work, and all devices must go to power save when they are not being used. It’s also a good idea to consider replacing any energy-sucking dinosaurs you might still have with more modern eco-friendly machines.

Provide a strong recycling plan

How good is your recycling plan? Look for areas where you can improve your recycling process. For example, as well as recycling cardboard boxes, manila folders, print outs and envelopes, identify which materials you’re using around your business that aren’t recyclable. There can be carbonized paper, sticky labels, Styrofoam, and paper towels. Then look at eco-friendly alternatives you can replace them with. Finally, make sure everyone in your organisation knows the plan, and is implementing it.

Going green is easier than you think

Switching over to being an environmentally friendly business takes an initial assessment and set up, but after you have processes in place you will likely see the cost benefits quite quickly. And importantly, you’ll be utilizing resources that much more effectively and helping to protect the environment.