Why Most Offices no Longer Need Scanners

You might still have a scanner tucked in a corner of the office, but it’s time to take a good, hard look at just how useful it really is in our digital age.

Here’s an example. That pesky form emailed to you by a government department is due for return today.

Would you rather print it off, fill it out and sign by hand, scan it into the computer with your trusty machine, then email or post back? Or simply complete it online, pop in your pre-stored, digital signature, then press a button to return via email?

A quality telecommunications company like eFax offers virtual fax packages giving you the freedom to send large files, use a digitized signature and store unlimited files in the cloud.

Let’s look at a range of issues where the latest digital technology is more flexible and effective than the traditional scanner.

What is a digital signature?

  • Transform your business. Now that the digitized signature is widely accepted and welcomed by companies and governments across the world, it is the new way to give your authority. This technology is transforming the world of business authorization and contracts.
  • Clinch that deal. Imagine how satisfying it would be to clinch that business deal on the other side of the world in a matter of minutes. You no longer have to print off the contract, physically sign it, scan it back into your computer and email it back. If it’s a large document which blocks up your inbox and refuses to send, you might even end up having to post it or send it by costly courier.
  • Drag, drop or swipe. Digital signature technology allows you to drag and drop your handwritten signature onto a document before you send it, or simply swipe your finger across your smartphone or tablet’s screen to sign your name. No printing or scanning is required.
  • Photograph your signature. The eFax Mobile App allows you to take a picture of your handwritten signature with the phone’s built-in camera, then add it to your document. Tap ‘sign faxes’ and save. It’s that easy!

Sending large docs by virtual fax and store in the cloud

  • Snap your document. As well as taking pictures of your signature before sending, today’s smartphones can photograph any document or image. These can then be forwarded by email or text pretty much anywhere in the world – no scanner required.
  • Send high-resolution images. eFax technology affords you the luxury of sending high-resolution images by online fax from any device with an internet connection – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. End the agony of having to send grainy, low-resolution images because your email system doesn’t have the capacity to send the high-resolution graphics needed to impress in today’s business environment.
  • Fax online. Virtual faxing copes with sending high-volume documents quickly and cleanly across the globe from any device, quantity no object. Faxes are also stored securely online in the cloud, making for easy retrieval.

Simple editing of PDF documents

  • Need to edit PDF documents? Now it’s possible to edit PDF documents with free or inexpensive online apps like PDFEscape.com and PDFXChange. Previous options for editing scanned PDF documents involved creating a new, amended document, or using expensive Adobe Acrobat software.

Advances in technology mean that scanners are rapidly becoming outmoded. So think again about your office scanner, and don’t let digital advances pass you by.