One Simple Way to Send Large Files over the Internet

Sending large files and multiple documents is part and parcel of any business. It can also be highly time-consuming, and can chew up too many resources. If you frequently choke your email system, there’s another way – it’s quick and easy to send large files over the internet.

How does it work?

With an account from eFax, you not only get a virtual fax system that allows you to send and receive faxes on your computer or mobile device, you also get a file sharing tool. It’s easy to send image-heavy or lengthy documents, video and audio files, or PowerPoint presentations to anyone, anywhere in the world. You simply upload them, and send the recipients a link to access them in the cloud.

What are the benefits?

Using the cloud to share important files means you can be sure the recipients will get them – there’s no wondering if all the pages sent through the fax, or if that email finally made it through. It keeps your networks and local severs free from the strain of dealing with large attachments, and it’s much faster than standing over a fax machine waiting for each page (which is likely to come out fuzzy on the other end) to go through. You can also send the files to as many recipients as you want instantly. An added benefit is that you have also have files stored securely, without the need to manually archive.

Is the system secure?

Our virtual fax and file sharing services give you peace of mind that everything is being sent and stored securely with 128-bit encryption. You’re always assured that the right people are looking at the uploaded files, as you can create passwords that the intended recipients will have to use in order to download documents. You will always get a confirmation receipt once a fax has gone through or a file has been downloaded. So you’ll always know that your delivery has been made successfully.

Switch To Online Faxing For A Faster, More Secure Service

An online fax service can transform your business communications. Not only can you do away with the old-fashioned fax machine, you can free up time and network resources by being able to send large files over the internet to anyone at any time, secure in the knowledge that they will go to the right people and will be easily accessible.