How Do I Send Faxes with eFax Messenger?

eFax Messenger® saves you time by letting you view, annotate, sign and send your faxes online, without having to print or scan them.

Send a Fax Through eFax Messenger for Windows

Edit Faxes with eFax Messenger
eFax Messenger lets you view and edit your faxes in two modes:
Fax Viewer Mode: Provides a simple view with basic eFax Messenger options at your fingertips. You can use Fax Viewer Mode if you simply want to view your faxes.
Fax Edit Mode: The default mode for eFax Messenger. This mode provides a more extensive set of tools that allow you to edit your faxes, convert your faxes to TIFF and PDF, add an electronic signature, and create your own custom cover pages.
In order to edit faxes you’ve received, you’ll need to be in Fax Edit mode. To change your mode, look in the right Task Pane under Mode and click the Click to Change to Fax Edit Mode link.