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Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Starting a small business is often a process filled with significant expenses, including building out an IT infrastructure, making a property down payment, hiring employees or creating a successful marketing strategy – costs which can quickly drain a nest egg.

For these reasons, successful entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs. And when they find them, it can mean the difference between a successful venture and a doomed one.

Among the most expensive components of starting a new company is office overhead. Because this equipment is so vital, many entrepreneurs feel there is no way to avoid the high price tag that comes with installing it. In many ways this is true – a business that can't create, store and transmit data is likely a business not long for this world.

However, with some prudence, an entrepreneur can find ways to save on this part of the process. There are many ways to cut costs, including buying used equipment, recycling printer cartridges and utilizing the wealth of available free software and apps. If researched well and carried out thoughtfully, these steps can certainly help stretch your funds.

One way a startup can save money is to make use of cloud services for business, as opposed to investing in hardware and IT infrastructure. Using cloud services, such as an online fax or virtual voice provider, can help your new business cut costs without sacrificing utility or professionalism.

For example, companies in the legal, healthcare, real estate, and other industries need to send and receive faxes by computer – whether for billing, client communications or documents requiring signatures. However, purchasing and maintaining a fax machine (including the monthly cost for a phone line) can get quite expensive, and is often well out of the price range of fledgling businesses.

Online faxing provides an elegant and flexible solution. Instead of putting a large part of your initial funding toward a fax machine, you can get an inexpensive service that allows you to do all of the things a fax machine can.

Moreover, an email to fax service actually provides many advantages beyond what a fax machine does. It helps you archive sent faxes, organize incoming documents, stay in touch remotely and much more.

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