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Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by The eFax Team

For years, businesses have relied on fax machines to help them send important and signature-dependent documents. Even in an age when email has become omnipresent, fax machines have retained their prominent position in the American office.

In the last few years, however, many professionals have begun to clamor for a more convenient, more modern solution. This is especially true at a time when "the office" has become a broader concept because a great deal of work is completed off-site. A more flexible version of the fax machine is necessary in today's professional world.

Internet faxing allows modern small businesses to receive the benefits of a fax machine without having to feel riveted to the office.

"In this day and age, small businesses no longer have to say, 'I'm out of the office right now, I didn't get your fax,'" Ramon Ray, editor at, told Inc. "The excuse is irrelevant - you can get a fax anywhere."

That's because by using online faxing, professionals can send and receive faxes directly from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Instead of having to stay close to a fax machine, users can go about their business and know that they aren't risking missing an important fax.

Besides helping you become more mobile, an online fax services offers two additional benefits that most people aren't aware of: storage, and cost savings (versus using a traditional fax machine).

1. Storage 
Internet faxing offers users much more than simply newfound freedom from the office. While traditional fax machines played an important role in the evolution of document sharing, they also created a few headaches for professionals. One of these was organization problems.

Industries that rely heavily on faxing - such as the real estate sector - can easily accumulate hundreds of pages of faxed documents a day. With this volume of incoming files, it's easy for a business to feel disorganized and buried in paper. Some online fax services, such as eFax, eliminate this problem by allowing users to store and access faxes in the cloud. This means you can view your faxes anywhere with an internet connect, whether on a laptop or mobile phone.

2. Cost Savings
Switching to an email to fax service can also help a small business save money. The most obvious way it can do this is by limiting the amount of money an office must spend on paper, ink and toner. However, there is another financial benefit of online faxing. With the service, there is no need for a company to invest in a phone line singularly devoted to a fax machine.

"Mobile faxing is great for anyone working away from the office setting, such as engineers, salespersons, work at home employees, and small business owners who don't want the expense of putting in an extra fax phone line," Titus Hoskins, a fax expert, told the source. 

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