The SMB Cure for New Year’s Resolution Fatigue

Thursday, January 09, 2014 by The eFax Team

Many people think of January as the month of broken promises. And perhaps they should. According to a University of Scranton study, covered by Forbes, only 8% of people succeed with their New Year’s Resolutions. The life-changing promises they make every January simply don’t pan out for most people.

As a successful small business professional, you’re not like most people.

After all, to quote Forbes again, 80% of all businesses fail within the first 18 months. And here you are, running your own small business. You beat the odds. You’re a winner! You’re even reading a blog right now, looking for more ways to give yourself an edge!

Here at eFax, we work with successful professionals like you every day, and we’re always amazed at your resourcefulness, how you use whatever tools you can find to succeed. Just look at our recent eFax SMB survey, showing how many SMB professionals, like you, are actually closing deals from your smart phones and tablets.

So we thought you’d prefer something more practical to start the New Year rather than another article full of resolution ideas. Let the other 92% of the population worry about that. For you, we have something else in mind.

So, what's the SMB Cure for New Year’s Resolution Fatigue?

Focus on your 2013 achievements as a springboard for success this year.

1) You had a great year.

We get so caught up in the New Year about what we want for the coming year, what new milestones we must reach, it’s easy to forget to look back and celebrate all we achieved in the previous 12 months.

Did you expand your business? Have a great quarter or two? Complete a major project? Celebrate those wins. Write them down. You've probably heard the sales adage: The best time to make a sales call is right after you've closed a sale. That’s because your confidence and positive attitude are contagious. So what better way to start the New Year than to remind yourself of all the successes you had in 2013?

2) You kept your promises.

What is a New Year’s resolution, after all, but a promise you make to yourself? Well, as a successful professional you’re in the habit of keeping promises every day – to customers, prospects, vendors, partners, employees, contractors.

As a small business, your reputation means almost everything. And to succeed as you have, you had to be a true professional of your word in 2013. So stop for a moment and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

3) You focused on the details — and you will again this year.

In the age of emails, mobile phones, instant messages, texts and social media, you’ve had to stay on top of the small stuff to be a top performer – and you have. No one succeeds professionally today, as you are, if they say things like, “Sorry, I forgot to respond to your email.”

One key reason 92% fail to keep their New Year’s Resolutions is that the goals themselves are too big, too sweeping. These people focus on the big goal and miss the details. You, on the other hand, focus on the details. You break large projects into specific tasks. You never “forget to respond.” That’s one reason you’re successful.

So if we can offer one bit of New Year’s Resolution advice, it’s this: Stick with what’s made you a success. Focus on the little steps. Make your resolutions actionable. Whether you ever thought of it this way in 2013, it’s why you were a success last year — and why you’ll have success again this year.

To a great 2014!

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