As the Olympic Opening Ceremony is held tonight, it mirrors the Olympics of small businesses. The Olympics are a worldwide competition held for 35 different sports including golf, kayaking, weightlifting and even trampoline. Olympians train for years to compete in this competition, hoping to be the best in the world. They’re coached by the top-notch professionals, often sponsored by companies in their industry, and manage schedules of competitions, training and other daily life activities.

So how can a small business be compared to the Olympics?

Small businesses throughout the world are in a competition of their own, the ultimate goal to be the best in the world. Each business competes with others in their industry. Business executives and owners have been mentored by professionals in their field and have invested time into building relationships within their industry, whether it be with vendors, suppliers, or even customers. They work hard and manage their time to make sure they accomplish their most important tasks each and every day.

So as you spend the next few weeks watching the Olympics, spend some time to reflect on your business’ position in the global Business Olympics.

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