The Age of the Modern Office

Friday, October 19, 2012 by The eFax Team

For years, professionals have been envisioning the "office of the future."

Whether this means three-dimensional video chats or smartboard-clad meeting rooms, one thing connects all these visions - less clutter.

As wireless technologies and cloud-based offerings multiply, it seems like this transition is already on the way.

Desks brimming with thick monitors and bulky computer towers are on their way out, being steadily replaced by thin laptops, elegant tablets and many other space-saving devices.

"Some of these technologies are specifically designed for certain use case scenarios," Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis with the Consumer Electronics Association, told Inc. "And there are other wireless technologies that can go through walls and provide connectivity in the home and they're clearly positioned for different purposes."

The emergence of wireless devices has helped define the modern office. The new wave of technologies has done more than declutter desks - it has helped make work more flexible and less tethered to a specific area. It's not just computers, either.

Scanners and printers have gone wireless, too, which makes it easier for professionals to print and copy documents from wherever they want. Similarly, the emergence of smartphones has allowed workers to complete their tasks from the break room, conference room or their own bedroom.

Another wireless, cloud-based piece of technology that is helping offices become more modern and nimble is internet faxing. This service allows users to send and receive faxes via email, meaning they don't need to feel chained to an office fax machine.

Like other devices and services helping usher in the age of the modern office, online faxing drastically decreases the need for space-hogging, maintenance-requiring equipment. Instead, the cloud-based system provides a digital storehouse of all sent and received faxes, which makes it significantly easier to maintain and organize communications. 

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