Temp agencies can use online faxing to help set up jobs

Monday, July 09, 2012 by The eFax Team

During times of low employment and limited career opportunities, many people turn to temp agencies as a way to generate income.

Specializing in helping individuals find short term employment, these organizations can help a job hunter get a foot in the door into a company or industry through signing on for temporary work, where the individual might not be able to do so through traditional means.

Many times, these employees demonstrate clear value to the company, and are hired after this trial period of sorts.

As part of its service offering, temp agencies must be in near-constant contact with employers, human resource departments and applicants.

With short-term contracts, benefit information and policies to pass from one hand to another, the business of communicating with all parties can be complicated, and oftentimes, a clearly documented paper trail is required.  

Due to the nature of the business and, the need for privacy and document security, many of these communiques are carried out via fax. Not only is minimizing the amount of time spent waiting for documents to be processed paramount to success in these businesses, but many times, these files require signatures. With such a heavy reliance on faxing, temp agencies can sometimes feel beholden to the whims of their office's fax machine.  

Moreover, these workplaces are often filled with dozens of employees, all busily trying to land jobs for their clients. This demand can place quite a strain on the fax machine, causing it to go through ink, toner and paper quickly. Plus, if many people need to use the machine at once, a frustrating and productivity-sapping backlog can form.

There is an alternative to the traditional fax machine. Temp agencies who wish to minimize their dependence on fax machines can turn to online faxing. An online fax service allows the organization to send and receive faxes from their computers, tablets or smartphones -- basically anywhere where an Internet connect exists. Not only can this ease the traffic at the fax machine, it allows staffing agents to work remotely - a common occurrence in this mobile age.  

Internet fax services can help temp agencies stay in contact with their clients and business partners with ease and flexibility. In the hectic world of short-term job placement, the ability to send, receive and process documents efficiently is crucial.  

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