Tablets and PCs - Not Necessarily Perfect Partners

Friday, January 04, 2013 by The eFax Team

Many businesses have been distributing tablets to their employees to encourage remote working programs.

A recent report from the Census Bureau showed that at least once per week. The total number of remote workers accounts for 9.5 percent of the workforce.

The report's lead author, Peter Mateyka, said that the growth in popularity can be attributed to new tools that allow employees to complete their daily responsibilities without commuting to the office.

"As communications and information technologies advance, we are seeing that workers are increasingly able to perform work at home," Mateyka said in a statement.

Companies can grant access to their servers or use cloud services so that staffers can remotely access business documents. Additionally, new tools allow co-workers to stay in touch and share sensitive documents through secure networks. Documents can be shared through a private network or distributed through programs like an internet faxing service.

Smartphones and tablets are changing how Americans work as well. There are mobile apps that can grant gadgets the functionality of a desktop. For example, employees can access an online fax from their email software when they don't have access to their web browsers.

As technology continues to improve, the number of people who work from home should continue to increase.

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