Smart Business Strategies You Can Learn from… Football?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014 by The eFax Team

Turns out, each of these events offers valuable lessons for SMBs, lessons that can save you time, money and even heartache.

The business lesson from the Super Bowl comes, unfortunately, in the form of a horror story. Denver Broncos defensive lineman Elvis Dumervil was cut from the team in 2013, after five years as a Bronco, because his agent failed to submit Dumervil’s signed, $8 million contract to extend his tenure with the team before the negotiating period ended.

Why didn’t the agent get the contract in on time? He couldn’t find a copy place to fax the hardcopy in time! And if not for that awful fax mistake in 2013, Elvis Dumervil would have been a Bronco this season — playing in this week’s Super Bowl. (Although, given Denver’s performance, that might not have been a much better outcome for Dumervil.)

The lesson? If you’re in business — whether playing professional sports or running a small consulting practice — you need the ability to receive, sign and send faxes digitally, by email, anywhere, anytime.

Luckily, eFax has a free mobile fax app (for and devices) which lets users sign fax documents online using just a finger swipe across their mobile screens.

If anything can be learned from National Signing Day, it's that faxing online is the way to go! 

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