Salespeople Succeeding Thanks to Tablets and Online Faxing

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 by The eFax Team

But when it comes to the real work — like drafting a sales proposal, giving a presentation or even signing a business contract — we still tend to think that only a “real computer” can handle these tasks. But that’s no longer true.

Tablets enable great presentations

While tablet users once criticized the devices for their lack of productivity software, new apps have silenced those complaints. The two major operating systems — iOS and Android — have released programs for creating, editing and displaying presentations, and it’s about time.  

Tablets often make more sense than a laptop in a meeting or sales presentation. They boot up faster than laptops, very light weight making them easy to carry to meetings and pass around during a presentation.

Tablets let you create and share key business data on the fly

Even with an effective sales pitch, some prospects aren't ready to buy before performing some due diligence. In most cases, for example, business customers ask for official estimates so they can compare costs with other vendors. Tablets today boast plenty of accounting and calculation apps that let sales reps quickly generate and share estimates with clients through secure networks.

Doing so helps reps establish trust with leads and prospects, and it can also quickly overcome a potential objection.

Tablets let you close the deal…via online fax

The most important step of any sale, of course, is finalizing the agreement — closing the deal. A handshake from your prospect is a good sign and is sometimes even legally binding. But only a written contract — signed by both parties — will avoid potential problems, misunderstandings and legal trouble. Unfortunately, it can take days for a contract to be delivered, signed and returned so the transaction can be completed.

Thankfully, tablets and touch-screen technology have helped eliminate some of the logistical delays for finalizing a deal. With the free eFax® mobile app, you have two ways to apply a digitized signature on a digital contract quickly and transmit an online fax via a secured network:


1. Sign with a figure signature. Quickly use your finger to capture your signature, save it and use it on the fax of your choice.

2. Take a photo of your signature. Easily create a digitized signature by signing a blank piece of paper, capturing it with your smartphone camera and adding it to your fax.

In both cases, signed contracts can be executed without delay.

The true value of the eFax digitized signature for any sales professional is that it works seamlessly while traveling on the road. You can quickly receive, annotate, edit and send faxes online – with no scanning, printing or fax machine required. 

Learn more about how eFax can turn your tablet or smartphone into a full-service online faxing solution, or try it for free today.



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