Rid Your Office of Paper Mountains

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 by The eFax Team

Businesses that rely on faxing can often feel buried in papers. Whether it's documents that require signatures, such as contracts or legal correspondence, or diagrams such as floor plans or building layouts, faxed communication can be an integral part of a company's standard operating practices.

Fax is essential in cases where a paper trail is a necessity, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean creating mountains of paper.

Not only can voluminous faxing be expensive if you utilize a traditional fax machine - paper, ink and toner aren't free after all - but it can also create organizational problems.

Amidst heaps of documents, finding just the one you're after can sometimes feel like searching for a specific snowflake in a blizzard. Furthermore, saving important data for next tax season is nearly impossible when your company is receiving hundreds of faxed contracts a day.

Luckily, there is a solution. With a fax to email service, faxed documents are received in your email inbox as attachments, such as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file. Some services, such as eFax, enable faxes to be tagged with keywords and stored in the cloud for fast, easy retrieval anywhere you can connect online.

By storing faxes digitally in the cloud, filing cabinets can be cleared, desks need not be overflowing with paper and the process of finding that single important document can be greatly simplified by searching using a tagged keyword.

By adopting an online fax service (which can be set up using a toll free or local number), companies may find that the time they once spent cleaning and organizing stacks of paper can be spent on more productive endeavors, like marketing, client relations and innovation.

As the cloud makes the possibility of a paperless office more and more likely, businesses that adapt quickly to cloud-based services and digital document management may find they have an advantage over their competitors.

If you're not sure if online fax is for you, some companies offer a free fax to email trial to try out the service without risk.

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