Quick Ways Your New eFax Mobile App Will Boost Your Productivity

Thursday, January 30, 2014 by The eFax Team

We’re excited to introduce the latest evolution of the eFax mobile app. We have added some terrific new productivity features that can save on-the-go professionals like you serious time and headaches. And it can help you be much more responsive to customers and partners with no additional effort on your part!

So, what great new features are available on the new free mobile fax app? Imagine being able to open a contract from your DropBox, Box or iCloud account, signing the contract with your finger and adding your printed name to the contract as well – with no printer or fax machine required. Well, now you can with our new mobile fax app.

What else can you do with your eFax mobile app?

Sign faxes with your finger

The finger-swipe digitized signature is now here! With this great new feature, you can sign your name using your finger on the screen of your mobile device and save. Then, you just select your signature to add it to your fax and you’re ready to hit send. You can even save it to use for later so you can add your signature to documents even faster! Imagine how much easier signing a contract will be now. Whether you’re in a taxicab or at the airport, the eFax mobile app makes signing and sending faxes a snap.

You can also prepare a digitized signature by taking a picture of your signature. The original eFax mobile app’s digitized-signature feature is still also still available. Just write your signature on a slip of paper, open the eFax app on your mobile device and hover over the signature. A cool little flashlight will light up your signature. Snap a picture of your signature, adjust with the contrast until you’re happy with it, and save. Now you have a signature stored in eFax that you can drag and drop onto any document while you're in the mobile app.

nnotate documents

Need to edit documents or add your printed name to a document? With the eFax mobile app, it’s easy to add your comments and notes directly onto the document. Simply open the document, select the option to Add Text and enter your notes. Once you are done adding your note, you can drag and place your notes where you need them and re-size them accordingly.

Send a fax from the cloud

The new eFax mobile app will also let you send a fax right from your cloud-storage account. Let’s say you need to fax a document from your DropBox, Box or iCloud account. Just pop open your cloud-storage account, locate the document, and send via fax from the eFax mobile app. 


As a busy professional traveling on the road, the eFax mobile app’s list of great new features will help you close more deals while you’re on the go. It will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter where you are, you can receive, send and sign faxes quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet.

Download the iPad, iPhone fax app or Android fax app now!


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