eFax to the Rescue: 3 Problems Solved by Faxing Online

Friday, November 02, 2018

Faxing by Phone, Computer

Life is filled with surprises. While you can’t always stop stressful life events from happening, you can take swift action to resolve them as quickly as possible. That’s where an online fax account from eFax comes in. Using your web browser or the eFax mobile app, you can instantly share important documents with anyone, anywhere!

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Transmitting Medical Authorization Forms

Have you ever had to fax release forms to your healthcare provider, insurance company or attorney, but didn’t have access to a fax machine? Did you end up turning to snail mail?

Well, eFax has a solution.

eFax is an internet fax service that lets you send, sign and edit fax documents from any internet-connected cell phone, tablet or computer, whether it be a Windows PC or Mac. Simply send documents as attachments from your email inbox and eFax will electronically convert them into faxes before sending them on their way.

In the time it takes to send email, you can get your medical records, signed release forms and other confidential documents into the hands of your healthcare team, averting unnecessary delays in treatment or payment of medical claims.

Managing Paperwork for Legal Proceedings

While you can’t escape the burden of paperwork when going through a divorce, changing your name after a marriage or filing a lawsuit, you can lift it from your shoulders and stay ahead of your deadlines by turning to eFax for all your faxing needs.

In addition to offering an award-winning free fax app, eFax also lets you electronically transmit your faxed documents from your computer. Simply attach any size document to a new email message and add a custom fax cover sheet to identify your recipient. It’s that simple.

Bottom line?

You can’t control the amount of paperwork needed to finalize your divorce, legally change your name after marriage or present your lawsuit, but you can control how quickly your documents transmit from your email inbox to your intended recipient’s fax machine.

Signing and Sending Real Estate Documents

If you’ve ever purchased a piece of property, then you know how arduous the home-buying process can be. Not only are you expected to prepare multiple rounds of paperwork, but you’re also expected to correct and resubmit incomplete or incorrect documents returned to you for further review.

Rather than getting lost in the shuffle of it all, you can take control over the home buying process by choosing a more convenient way to send single and multi-page documents, like your home loan application, closing statement and more.

Imagine being able to prepare and send multiple documents at once, without having to print your original document from your computer and then scan it to your fax machine.

What’s more, eFax offers a variety of transmission options, so you can return important documents from wherever you access the internet—all without having to physically print, scan or load them individually.

You can even add your digitized signature to applications and other forms (a must-have feature when closing on a new home).

A Modern Alternative to Faxing the Old-Fashioned Way

Whether you’re dealing with a medical condition, name change proceedings or buying a home, chances are good that you’ll need to prepare a fair amount of paperwork before you reach the end of the process.

You could submit your completed paperwork by snail mail, but that just wastes time. And while traditional faxing is faster, the transmission process can be slowed down or interrupted by a busy fax line or mechanical failure. (Who has easy access to a fax machine anyway?)

Thankfully, there’s a more modern alternative: eFax. Sign up today!


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