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Online Fax Users Save On Expensive Ink

Monday, January 21, 2013 by eFax Team

As the economy struggles to recover, small business owners have attempted to reduce overhead expenses and find budget-friendly solutions to everyday practices.

One of the most costly expenses is printer ink. Computerworld recently reported that . Federico De Silva, an analyst from Gartner, told the news source that shoppers don't worry about new cartridges when shopping for printers.

"They are going for a $49 printer, but when they have to refill it they realize they are spending $50 to $60 just on ink," De Silva said.

Most modern printers can receive faxes, which means that even more ink is being used by the machines. Fortunately, an internet faxing service can replace the devices and help small business rein in their expenses. Employees can use the service to share sensitive documents between tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Associates and clients who prefer to use fax machines can still send and receive physical paperwork. The email to fax feature converts attachments to encrypted files that can be printed on fax machines and turns paper faxes into digital documents. 

eFax Team - eFax Team

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