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Friday, July 13, 2012 by The eFax Team

With rising oil prices and increased fears of environmental damage, many Americans are taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

From augmenting insulation and sealing windows to installing solar panels and updating furnaces, home improvement geared at greening homes is on the rise, according to Bloomberg.  

This has led to a growing segment of home energy auditors who visit homes to educate owners on tactics that can make their homes more energy efficient.  

Inspectors are highly trained to spot sources of concern in homes of all types. Naturally, this takes them to scores of different homes each month.

For energy auditors, being able to recognize problematic sources of energy loss, suggest a route toward resolution and communicating these methods is crucial — but it is not easy. With complicated equipment and dense reports, many of these professionals find it difficult to convey their findings to homeowners.  

A major reason is that many of these forms are traditionally delivered via fax, either because they require signatures or contain sensitive information. Although this is often in the best interest of the homeowners or the utility companies, it can make it difficult for the auditors.  

One way these professionals are finding to avoid the hassles of relying on a fax machine is to fax from a computer. This service allows auditors to send and receive faxes even if they are busy visiting houses.  

However, online faxing can help auditors in other ways. It can help them to organize their incoming faxes in their email inbox, so they can retain a digital record of all their communications.

Perhaps most important is how a fax to email service can help auditors go green — something likely close to their hearts. Instead of having every fax automatically printed, a fax service allows auditors to keep hard copies of only those documents they choose.

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