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Oh no, a typo!

Friday, October 05, 2012 by eFax Team

Have you ever spent hours typing up a document, paying special attention to check it over and over again to ensure there are no typos in it - only to see one right after you sent it?

There's nothing worse than reading over a contract or presentation that you just sent to a prospective client or business contact and noticing a glaring error in the body of the material after it's too late.

It always seems like it's the most careless typos that slip through when something like this happens – you typed the wrong "to" or you wrote, "sign the contract right their." These circumstances are unprofessional and downright embarrassing.

Avoid making a typo again with online faxing. The fax preview feature of online fax can make sure you don't end up sending a fax with a mistake or typo.

After you write a document or finalize a presentation, simply use the fax preview feature to view the document before you send it. Check the preview two or three times for mistakes and then send your fax on its way - confident that you did not send an error.

eFax Team - eFax Team

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