Many Companies Rely Heavily on Faxing

Friday, July 06, 2012 by The eFax Team

Faxing offers features and options that are still integral to a large portion of business operations.

In fact, many industries find that fax remains a central part of their communication strategy, particularly in business environments where documents that require signatures or notation by hand need to be exchanged.

For example, retailers and small and midsize businesses in the shipping industry rely on faxing for bulk communication and order processing, according to ZDNet.

So do retail businesses who transact business online — as a supplement to a brick and mortar strategy (such as the owners of Midnight Special booksellers above).

The ability to verify that messages have been sent and the capacity to retain a hard copy of invoices make this mode of document sharing crucial.  

With these irreplaceable benefits, businesses of all sizes and stripes have found that there is no way to extricate themselves from faxing. Their clients, customers and partners have become so used to the mode of communication that switching in midstream seems impossible.  

However, many of these companies are aware that faxing has some drawbacks. Fax machines are expensive, upkeep is time consuming and relying on one system for an entire office can result in paper jams and long lines.  

With this in mind, the news source reports that many businesses around the world are switching to online faxing. This service allows companies to send and receive faxes over the internet, thus allowing them to forego the traditional hardships of faxing.  

"Fax services allow faxes to be received in email inboxes, which means they are confidential and can only be seen by the intended recipient," Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting, told the news source.

The ability for companies to retain the benefits of faxing — namely, the security, immediacy and archival options — while doing away with the space consuming, costly machines is appealing to many of them. (In addition to costs like toner and paper, most fax machines require a land line connection, meaning you incur another monthly phone charge.)

Internet faxing can make it easier and more convenient for businesses to stay in touch and send documents, and might save them money.  

Companies that offer online fax services, such as eFax, enable you to sign up online, get a fax number instantly, and begin sending and/or receiving faxes right away.

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