IT professionals worry about mobile security

Friday, February 22, 2013 by The eFax Team

Cyber security is a growing concern for every business. As more establishments rely on technology for analytics and data storage, it's vital that companies protect sensitive documents and servers. Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president of Qualcomm's internet services division, told the Financial Times that mobile devices and productivity apps represent possible gaps in security measures.

"IT departments are very concerned about security and data protection," Gilbert said. "How do you protect data if someone loses the device?"

Gilbert also said that cloud services can be used to keep information secure. When employees are sent an internet fax or email, the documents are stored to a server and not locally on mobile devices. Clouds are accessible from any gadget with internet access, so staffers will be able to read their paperwork without their smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, an internet faxing service protects documents from hackers. All files are encrypted so that they cannot be accessed by third-party users. Only intended recipients and the documents' creators can read, edit and respond to faxes. Data encryption helps business protect sensitive files from external users and ensure that information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

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