iPad App Makes Faxing On-The-Go Easy

Thursday, June 21, 2012 by The eFax Team

As the iPad becomes more integral to business, mobile professionals continue to find ways to use it to increase productivity while on the go. According to a recent IDG survey, 91% of business professionals use an iPad more for business communication than for personal communication.

One way the iPad is enhancing mobile business professionals' productivity is as a method for sending and receiving faxes. Even with the explosive growth of email as a communication tool, fax continues to be utilized as a vital tool in situations where signatures are required.

And the growing field of online fax services is helping businesses cut the cord to a fax machine by enabling faxes to be sent and received via a mobile device such as an iPad.

In many industries, fax remains a critical way to transfer documents — especially official documents that require signatures, such as contracts, loans, etc. Fortunately, these types of documents can be sent by using an online fax service and an iPad. Online fax services such as eFax make use of the iPad's camera as a way for users to quickly scan a document and send it directly to a fax machine.

With eFax's recently launched iPad app, sending and receiving faxes via an iPad is easy.

"Our latest iPad app is yet another way we help people and business improve the way they work together in the office and on-the-go," said Mike Pugh, vice president of j2 Global, parent company of eFax.

Using the new app, mobile professionals will find that they can send faxes from places they never would have dreamed of before. This can be quite useful when a fax needs to be sent at a specific time, but a trip back to the office — or a frenzied search for a public machine — is inconvenient.

Not only does an online fax service make it easy to send faxes away from the office, it also makes receiving them just as simple. Incoming faxes can be viewed, organized and archived through the app. This means that there will no longer be a time when an important document is missed because you were away from the office.

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