How To Make Your Small Business Appear Big

Friday, August 17, 2012 by The eFax Team

It is often said that in business, image is everything. Even for a small or young company, it is important to demonstrate to potential clients and partners that you are a strong and well-run operation.

For many businesses, it can be expensive to curate an image of impressive size and scale. Without the ability to hire a gaggle of employees to answer phones or communicate with customers, it is easy for a small company to show its lack of size.

Creative entrepreneurs, however, can find ways to bolster their company's image and perceived strength without breaking the bank. Business Insider asked many successful managers and CEOs for their advice on the topic, and the suggestions they provided are a great way for young and minimally staffed groups to project a large impression.

"Hire a virtual assistant to act as a gatekeeper between you and the outside world - answering emails, scheduling appointments, etc.," online presence specialist Erin Blaskie recommended to the news source. "This is not only good for appearance, but it'll also help you only focus on the bigger picture items while leaving the [minutiae] to a VA."

Ideas such as Blaskie's can help you lend your small company an air of credibility. Customers tend to trust and flock to businesses that seem more reliable and established. Finding an intern, printing business cards and utilizing a virtual phone system were some of the other suggestions other experts gave to the news source.

Another way for a young or small company to display its stability is to utilize an online fax service. By using such a system, businesses can give their customers the option of communicating by fax - which many see as a valuable perk of dealing with a sizable company - without investing thousands of dollars in the purchase and upkeep of a fax machine.

This way, companies that want to provide clients and partners with the ability to instantly send authorized and sensitive information will have the capability to do so, even if they don't have the resources to afford a traditional fax machine.

What's more, internet faxing offers many services and features that a fax machine can't match. The ability to send and receive faxes away from the office, to keep a digital record of all documents and to decide which files to print are just some of the capabilities that make getting a fax to email service such a valuable commodity for a small company that wants to appear big.

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