How to Fax From Your Phone

Wednesday, December 05, 2012 by The eFax Team

Today's mobile businessman or woman travels to a variety of locations, none of which are likely to have the same technology.

In the past, those traveling for business required a computer terminal, landline phone, copier and fax machine, which meant that work had to always be accomplished from an office.

But today's marketplace is quite different: It's about efficiency and recognizing the diverse needs of clients, whether they are small families or high-tech data service providers. Apps can help turn mobile devices into a multi-functional office space, complete with access to internet faxing

Online fax services are crucial to individuals working in the medical, insurance, and legal sectors who manage a variety of sites. The large amount of paperwork and digital communications common in these sectors could be more easily organized by the ability to scan and fax crucial documents.

Apps that connect these services and allow smartphone cameras to act as scanners increase mobility and ensure that documents can be sent in a timely manner. Companies should consider investing in apps that simplify productivity and connect employees to important tools like faxes from anywhere.

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