Helping Homebuilders Stay in the Loop

Thursday, June 28, 2012 by The eFax Team

As the housing market slowly recovers, homebuilders are likely to find themselves with more projects to manage. Across the country home starts are on the rise, leading to busy schedules for many in the industry.

While this is generally good news for the employees and the economy as a whole, it is not simple work. Building a home from the ground up is a complicated task, which often requires a constant stream of documents and blueprints sent back and forth between people at many locations. To help manage these multifaceted projects, home builders are always on the lookout for ways to improve organization and communication.

One way that many builders are increasingly using in this pursuit is online faxing. Often coordinating many sites at once, these professionals need to be able to communicate with masons, construction workers, contractors and so forth at a moment's notice. Sometimes this can be handled with simple phone calls, but often it requires complicated and detailed documents.

That's where the help of an internet faxing service can substantially help a builder. It allows him to send and receive faxes from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, vastly simplifying the task of getting information into the right hands. Whether they need a building permit, a design for a room or a list of necessary materials, many builders will find that faxing from computer makes their job a great deal easier.

Of course, the service also works just as well the other way. Builders organizing large projects must often be accessible to many distant parties. Developers and homeowners typically require constant updates. With internet faxing, a builder can fax photos, revised blueprints and reports directly from the site. This will keep everybody happily in the loop. Additionally, because it is sent through fax, the builder can know that the information is received securely and in a timely fashion.


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