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Not many technologies enjoy a 50th anniversary. Even humankind’s true technological marvels, like NASA’s Space Shuttle (1981-2011)1, and ubiquitous devices we thought would last forever, like Sony’s cassette-playing Walkman (1979-2009) 2, rarely see 35.

And today, May 5, 2014, modern fax celebrates 50 years of transmitting information across the globe.

What better time to celebrate than take a look at the innovative ways the modern fax has reinvented itself over the years.  From a 19th Century “telefax” which was invented before the telephone to a 20th Century way of transmitting business documents over phone lines, the fax has made its mark in the business world.  Now faxing is a 21st Century cloud-based service which can be transmitted via the Internet and mobile devices to send and receive electronic documents without a fax machine, busy signals or paper jams.

So Happy Anniversary! Let’s take a quick tour of your incredible transition from pre-modern faxing 150 years ago and into today’s modern fax.




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