MarketingProfs' 4 Steps to a Social Media Strategy

Many companies -- big and small -- jump into social media without clearly defining a strategy.

Simply because the barrier to entry for social media is low -- ie you can set up a Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest account in minutes for no cost -- doesn't mean that you should.

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make by jumping into social media is forgetting that social media, by definition, is conversational in nature.

If you're not ready for, or open to, the public expressing a point of view about your brand, and your your tweets and posts, it's recommended you re-consider getting into social media until you can monitor what's being said about your brand in social media (Hootsuite is a great tool for monitoring mentions of your brand online. Hootsuite offers both free and paid/enterprise versions).

Centered around the old principle of "If you don't know where you're going, every road will lead you there," MarketingProfs has a great infographic to help you outline a successful strategy for your social web activity. Click here to view the infographic.