For Lawyers, the Weight of Evidence is Moving to the Cloud

Monday, December 10, 2012 by The eFax Team

Lawyers produce and process more paperwork than just about any other profession. From consent forms to depositions and legal rulings, lawyers typically are buried in documents, many of which require official signatures.

Transferring these hand-signed documents -- securely -- has traditionally fallen to two methods: Fax, or overnight deliver (ie FedEx). Landline-based faxing is still used today, ago, but does little to reduce the pileup of paper in the office, or facilitate the trend in the growth of the mobile workforce.

Faxing over computer can streamline communications for legal professionals, and help reduce overall paperwork.

One major benefit of online faxing is mobility. This is especially significant for firms transitioning into the cloud, as an online fax service enables. Apps are available to turn smartphones into fax machines, and through the power of the cloud, all documents can be instantly transmitted and viewed.

In an era where firms across the world are focusing efforts on green business, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing consumption of resources such as paper are a concern.

Law offices can take advantage of the greater efficiency and reliability of fax services in the office or from the courthouse. Internet faxing, when coupled with cloud computing, may also reduce costs on machinery, supplies and phone services.

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