Five Forces That Are Driving Business Today

Friday, August 03, 2012 by eFax Team

Cloud services have proven to provide many benefits for small businesses including:

- Disaster recovery

- In-house and outsourced data protection

- Cost cutting

Leveling the playing field for SMBs

- Allowing professionals, like legal professionals, to work remotely

Studies show that companies are increasingly encouraging employees to work remotely. According to the 2012 National Study of Employers, 77 percent of companies surveyed allow or encourage flextime and nearly 66 percent let employees sometimes work from home.

For many mobile professionals, having access to important information may be a major pain point for those who are unable to access this data. In a recent podcast interview, attorney Scott Brenner explained that to avoid not having access to information, he designates “extinctive use of cloud software and backup systems that allow [him] to be productive wherever and whenever [he is].”

A ZDNet article recently expressed that business success requires cloud-based communications. At the Telco Rising Cloud conference, Vivek Jhamb, president of Vodafone Global Enterprise India, explained that the five forces that are driving enterprises today are:

  1. IT consumerization and bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  2. Internal collaboration and flexible working hours
  3. Business agility
  4. Globalization
  5. Secure and simplified communications

These five forces place mobility at the center of a successful business. Cloud services, such as online faxing or a virtual phone number, are tools that allow a business to be more mobile and successful.

eFax Team - eFax Team

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