Finding Faxes Fast in the Cloud

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by The eFax Team

Many professionals have experienced a situation where they needed to review a sent document. If delivered by email, finding the file typically doesn't pose much of a problem - the sender can easily check his or her "sent mail" folder to see a list of outgoing messages.

With other forms of communication, however, this can be a more serious issue.

Few of us keep a copy of every letter or fax we send, for example, and those of us who do may find it difficult to keep these organized and accessible. Usually, this isn't a concern, as most of our communications get to their recipient without a hitch, so there is often no need to re-inspect them once they've been sent.

Sometimes, though, this isn't the case. If a letter gets lost in the mail or a dispute erupts and there is a need to refer to the original for clarification, a sent document may need to be exhumed.

The prospect of this is enough to give some business people a bout of anxiety - how will I find what I need if the situation arises? What will I do if I need to produce the original version of a fax I sent three months ago? Will I be able to find it?

If you use online faxing, the answer to this last question is yes. Send fax from computer services like eFax automatically store all sent documents in the cloud, thereby eliminating the need to worry about producing an original. Instead of carefully cataloging every fax you send - or not, and throwing caution to the wind - online faxing provides you with an automated archive of every fax you've sent. With eFax, you can even tag faxes for fast retrieval during searches.

It's not just sent faxes, either. With an email to fax service, you will have an automatically updated digital folder containing your sent and received faxes. So, in a situation in which you accidentally misplace or destroy a document, you can easily go to your account, find the file in question and print it.

Additionally, unlike, a traditional file cabinet brimming with hundreds of documents, which can make looking for a specific fax feel like searching for grain of salt on a beach, a digital archive of faxed files is easily searchable. All you have to do is enter a keyword and you will be able to locate a fax you may have sent months or even years ago.

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