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Friday, August 24, 2012 by The eFax Team

According to a recent press release, days of traditional software and hardware are in the past. Data from the 2012 American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center revealed that 38 percent of lawyers have migrated to laptops as primary computers. With an app for almost everything, lawyers are beginning to adopt cloud software to manage tasks and communications wherever they may be.

Online services have begun to provide lawyers with professional capabilities they expect from traditional hardware straight from the palm of their hand. Internet fax services have become an integral tool for lawyers who are making the move to the cloud. According to a podcast interview with New York-based attorney Scott Brenner, "the realities of the competitive business and legal environments requires a new brand of lawyer ... one that understands the power of working remotely, from a more virtual platform."

In an article published in FindLaw, Kyle Flowers, director of marketing for eFax, discussed important factors legal professionals should keep in mind when researching online fax solutions. So what should legal professionals consider?

There is an app for that. Sending and receiving faxes from a smart phone is key to being a mobile legal professional. Phones with cameras and a free mobile faxing app allow you to point, shoot, and fax documents from your mobile device.

Easing the burden of e-discovery. With the myriad of faxes received, it’s important to have the ability to find an important fax quickly. The ability to tag and search for faxes using names, topics or other key words is an imperative feature.

Eliminating document disorder. Find a service that offers unlimited lifetime storage while securely archiving faxes documented online. By storing documents online, safely and securely, you can retrieve critical documents where and when you need them.

Confidential and secure. Fax encryption and secure inboxes are vital when it comes to the sensitive data involved in the legal field. This eliminates the risk of sensitive faxes being seen by unauthorized eyes.

Signed, sealed and sent. Look for an internet fax service that contains a digitized signature capability. This feature will help contribute to productivity be eliminating steps in document management and workflow. Documents can be approved, signed and sent along via email or fax.

Legal professionals should file a motion to dismiss inefficiency and adopt an internet fax service with these five features.

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