Real Estate Agent Tips: Make Sure Your Fax Solution Has These Three Features

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Real Estate Showing Faxing

Imagine you’re out for the afternoon showing high-end condos to a new client — a young man, pre-qualified, great income, eager to buy. You’re an hour away from your office…when an important fax comes in.

It’s the purchase offer you sent on behalf of another client, and the seller has signed and accepted your client’s offer. You’ve got the deal! The seller just requests to have the agreement she faxed to your office signed and faxed back within two hours.

The only problem is, you’re not at your office!

You have a high-income new client in one place and a signed purchase agreement waiting for you in your office an hour away. Sure, it’s a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem — unless you have a fax solution with some key features like those offered by eFax.

1. The ability to fax by email

To be a responsive and mobile realtor who can show a new home or meet with a client on short notice, you need to be able to get work done on the road. You can’t leave the office for the afternoon and ignore time-sensitive faxes while you’re out.

If you had online faxing service like eFax, you could receive, review, annotate and send fax documents right from your email. This means you’d have no problem turning around signed contracts by the two-hour deadline requested by the seller, ensuring your commission.

And, you would still be able to continue showing condos to your new client.

2. A full-featured mobile app with digitized signature capability

When selecting your online faxing solution, consider one with a mobile app. A good mobile fax app should make it even easier to read, annotate and send a fax from the road on your smartphone or tablet.

With the eFax free mobile fax apps for iPhone and Android, you can even add a digitized signature in one of two ways: You can either take a picture of your handwritten signature with your mobile device’s camera or simply swipe your finger across your screen.

With the best mobile fax app, you won’t need to print, copy or scan any physical documents. More importantly, you won’t have to leave your new client’s side to hunt for a copy/shipping store to send a fax.

3. Lifetime cloud storage of all your fax documents, with easy retrieval anytime

Your fax solution should also include online storage. This convenient feature will help with your record keeping. Online fax services like eFax provide unlimited storage so your data is backed up in the cloud. This is especially important for a real estate professional like you, since you are required to maintain transaction records for several years.

If your online fax service allows you to send and receive fax documents by email, but still requires you to print them out or store those emails somewhere else, then you are adding unnecessary burden.

With eFax, every fax document you send or receive through the eFax service (including all attachments) will be automatically stored securely in the cloud for the life of your subscription — and you will be able to access them easily anytime, searching by keyword, date or other search parameters.


Bottom line: Not all online faxing services are created equal, especially for on-the-go professionals like you with the unique business challenges of the real estate industry. An online faxing service should make your real estate business run more smoothly and make things more convenient for you. In your research, make sure the provider you select offers you at least the three features described here.

eFax offers all of the above, and more — sign up today!


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