Email Faxing: Why it’s Safer, Faster and Cheaper than You Think

Thursday, September 21, 2017 by The eFax Team

Fax by Computer and Pig

Email faxing is the virtual alternative to your parents’ fax machine. It gives you the power to fax on demand and take immediate control over your faxing needs. Just as you can email on the go, you can fax by email anywhere you access the internet.

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Benefit from Superior Security

Email faxing relies on TIF and PDF attachments to transmit secure information via regular email services. Those unfamiliar with email faxing might assume that it presents the same security risks as email.

Unlike email, fax attachments are encrypted for secure delivery. You’re able to send email faxes to regular fax machines as well as other electronic destinations, and they will deliver and print out just like a regular fax.

Bottom line?

Email faxing is encrypted in such a way that ensures only the intended recipient can read it. Not only is it safe, but it enjoys a level of security that far surpasses that of the fax machine.

Benefit from a Faster Faxing Process

As with all on-demand technology these days, faxing by email allows you to work on the go and save time. eFax offers a wide range of advanced features that simplify the faxing process for faster transmission. Auto resend and email confirmation features ensure faster service and offer an assurance that your fax was received.

With a regular fax machine, a cancelled fax will remain inactive on your fax machine until someone either feeds it back through the machine for a second or third time or discards it. But using eFax, you can immediately fax again, without waiting for your machine to complete transmission.

Bottom line?

Email faxing is fast and convenient. There’s no waiting in line to send a fax or going out of your way to find a machine that works.

Enjoy Extensive Cost Savings

Classic fax machines require paper and toner—not to mention regular maintenance and possible repairs. As a result of these and other routine fax expenses, fax machines can be very costly to maintain over time.

With a fax-by-email service like eFax, you can eliminate paper, which means zero waste and an overall reduction or elimination of fax supplies. You print only what you need, and can store the rest online.

To further avoid waste, you can limit print jobs to a chosen number of pages, such as those that contain information that you want to print and archive—an option not available with standard faxing.

Bottom line?

Email faxing can save you big dollars on cost and supplies over time.

Is eFax Right for You?

eFax is an award-winning online fax service that saves you money by eliminating the need for a fax machine, fax supplies, a separate phone line for faxing, and costly maintenance. Choose a real local or toll free fax number at no additional cost. There is no hardware to buy or software to install. Sign up today!


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