eFax Helps Company Move Faster Towards a Treatment for Cancer

Thursday, August 23, 2012 by The eFax Team

According to a recent press release which referenced GlobalData, the mobile health technology market is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2018. From physicians to lab technicians and even to biotechnology companies, health care professionals are adopting cloud services to work more efficiently.

BioVex, a biotechnology company that develops treatments for cancer and infectious diseases is no exception. In a recent podcast, Susan Doleman, associate director of BioVex, explained that the pain point of the process of putting a treatment on the market is the process of preparing patients for the trial. She adds that “almost 99% of our other work is documentation. It’s all around documentation at the clinic; it’s all around documentation at the places that are doing the data entry, so it’s a massive paper shuffle.”

As BioVex undergoes trials for a treatment for melanoma cancer, the process of getting approval by the regulatory companies increasingly requires more documentation. “It’s amazing how much documentation we have,” says Doleman. “We have to basically have a paper trail or in this day and age often an electronic trail…We have to have everything documented from step A to step Z. So there’s a lot of documentation that goes around the world for – you know – authorizations, for data forms, for transmissions of key safety documents...so fax is tremendously important to us.”

With eFax, the trial process has been able to move faster. “Since we conduct research through clinical trials, a lot of paperwork is involved and we process many confidential documents from doctors. However, doctors and their staff would take a long time to fax signed forms back to us or the fax would get misplaced on the fax machine,” states Doleman. “After adopting eFax, we noticed that more doctors return their documents on time and in an easily searchable central repository, which allows us to complete clinical trials in a cost effective and timely manner. The process is more productive than ever when both parties can send and scan documents instantly using eFax.”


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