Ditch Your PSTN and Take Your Fax Mobile

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 by The eFax Team

Watch any movie from the 1980s that deals with work (9 to 5, Working Girl, Wall Street, Trading Places, the list goes on) and you’ll see bustling offices filled with enormous computers, copy and fax machines the size of small cars, and workers held hostage at their desks by their hardwired phones. Look closely and you’ll see glimpses of devices we now take for granted — though back then, that wondrous invention known as a cellular phone was the size and heft of a small paving stone.

Cut to today and the working world has been liberated from oversized office equipment, land lines, and clunky first-generation devices. Mobile phones are small, streamlined, smart, and ubiquitous. Yet amazingly, many offices, particularly small and medium size businesses, still burden their employees with outdated, office-centric equipment and practices that result in inefficient production and communication methods.

A good example of this can be found in the real estate and finance sectors. Both of these industries rely heavily on faxing to process legal documents that often require multiple iterations and signatures. Fax involves a number of redundant steps: delivering the contracts to the necessary parties, printing and signing the documents, then sending them back to the original sender. This inefficient process requires time, materials, and access to expensive equipment, including dedicated fax lines.

Given that businesses have been able to capitalize on other technological advances to increase productivity and reduce costs, how can offices that carefully watch their budget leave behind the entrenched Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and its inefficient hard-wired fax machines?

The answer is by taking fax mobile.

The eFax mobile app for iPhone and Android lets you send, receive, or view faxes right from your favorite device, tablet, or smartphone. Simply snap a picture or attach a file and send. Delivery notifications are sent directly to your screen once the fax arrives at its destination. Every fax sent is automatically saved so that you can access it later if needed. To view received or stored faxes, simply click the appropriate email message to open the fax. It’s that easy.

eFax is loaded with features that increase your productivity. Customized digital signatures that you can drag and drop onto documents eliminate the tedious tasks of printing, signing, and re-sending faxes. For those moments when your favorite mobile device takes a back seat to your desktop PC, eFax allows you to send faxes by email or through our online portal. Need to send large files such as videos, presentations, or high-resolution images? eFax lets you send them online via email without worrying about blocked or bounced messages and supports files up to 3GB in size. For more about eFax's fully-loaded features, check out "."

In addition to productivity gains, digital cloud faxing controls operating costs. eFax eliminates overhead for paper, toner, dedicated fax lines and machines, maintenance contracts, and expenses incurred by the physical storage or disposal of older faxes. For users in industries such as health care and finance where regulatory compliance to HIPAA, GLB and SOX is important, eFax offers an enhanced security option that provides a secure, encrypted alternative for viewing your faxes.

Want to learn more about what eFax can do for you? Try eFax for yourself, or download our iPhone or Android fax apps now.

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