Disaster recovery a growing concern among SMBs

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by The eFax Team

The growing shift among SMBs to digital data and mobility tools has led to a restructuring of how they operate. One example of this evolution is an increasing emphasis on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC), according to a recent survey by a leading IT security firm.

A Disaster Recovery strategy focuses on helping a company get back to business after a catastrophic event that results in a significant impact on the business. Examples could be the loss of data due to fire, flood, or an earthquake.

A Business Continuity strategy also centers around disruption and potential loss of business or data, but in a less catastrophic way. Examples would be the departure of a key IT employee's or a supply chain disruption.

The SMB migration to cloud computing and virtualization - which was quite recently only true of large companies - is heavily connected with threats of data loss and security breaches, leading to a rapid adoption of newer, cloud-based technologies such as online backup.

Online backup is inherently more reliable and convenient than other alternatives, such as backup tape, a sixty year old technology that's susceptible to loss, theft, and, according to Gartner, fails 71% of the time. "With some reports suggesting that business data is doubling year on year, the only truly scalable, reliable and secure way to back up the volumes of information organizations are producing today is online," says Eoin Blacklock, managing director of online backup provider KeepItSafe.

With data an increasingly critical asset for a company of any size, it's important to review data backup plans in light of both DR and BC strategic planning.


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