There is a growing global awareness about environmental threats and the need for businesses and consumers to embrace green business methods.

Many companies have been taking an active role when it comes to implementing recycling programs, energy-efficient equipment and green office outfitting.

However, organizations still using older technologies like fax machines may not be doing enough to focus efforts on being green. Internet faxing reduces consumption of paper and toner as well as electricity, which makes it an excellent addition to environmentally focused practices.

Internet fax allows for mobility in faxing - employees can send faxes from mobile apps or laptops, which are password protected and can be monitored for security. This eliminates both the resources needed to print the received fax and the sent record. Coupling technology and green solutions makes internet faxing a sustainable strategy for transmitting signed documents.

New technologies such as electronic fax services can make a difference for companies looking to adopt eco-friendly practices that are reliable and cost-effective. It is also a useful tool for firms entering into cloud services.

For these reasons, many companies may be unplugging that old fax machine and readying it for disposal at a recycling center.

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