Cloud to be utilized more in 2012, report finds

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 by The eFax Team

After witnessing the success stories of cloud computing deployments in 2011, more companies will implement the technology in 2012. In fact, businesses will utilize the cloud on larger scales to experience the maximum benefits, according to a report by Unisys.

"Enterprises are now realizing they cannot afford to keep these technologies at the periphery of their organizations," Unisys chief technology officer Fred Dillman said. "To compete effectively, they must integrate these technologies into the core of their customer-facing systems and applications."

As a result, private cloud computing will be leveraged across companies' infrastructures to help improve operations, lower costs and increase security, the report noted.

Additionally, Software-as-a-Service will also be used more frequently, especially for email to fax and other collaborative solutions, Unisys noted. This will help reduce expenses and make operations simpler to manage.

However, before companies implement the cloud, they should evaluate the provider and its solutions. This includes researching whether or not the specific service, whether private, public or hybrid, will deliver the performance capabilities necessary for success, according to an IT Business Edge . Companies should also look at their industry standards to ensure that the cloud will comply with them.

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