Bringing Fax Into the 21st Century

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 by The eFax Team

Twenty years ago, the fax machine was a cutting-edge piece of equipment. The technology allowed people to instantly send official documents and other communications around the world.

For many businesses, this ability was revolutionary. Instead of relying on the postal service, which could often take weeks to transport a message, people could now use fax machines to communicate in near real time.

Today, faxing remains a powerful business and communication tool. It has, however, gained some competition in this arena, which has led consumers to ask for more from their faxing services. Luckily, faxing has evolved to keep pace with other technologies. In fact, one of the most modern forms of faxing has been winning fans across the business world for its convenience, security and extensive list of capabilities.

Internet faxing has helped bring faxing into the 21st century. Instead of having to rely on a bulky, immobile machine with high operating expenses and limited capabilities, professionals can use online faxing for significantly greater control over their document sharing. With the service, professionals can send and receive faxes anywhere with an internet connection.

In fact, the service offers many simple and effective ways to send and receive faxes on a computer. For example, a professional away from the office can use a smartphone to quickly send a fax by simply snapping a picture of the document and uploading it via the internet. This capability vastly improves a professional's ability to conduct business even if he or she is miles from a fax machine.

This is especially important for documents that require signatures, which are common in the legal, real estate and medical industries, among others. With online faxing, all you need to do to send an officially signed document is drag and drop your digitized signature and send the file over the internet. Instead of days or weeks, the entire process takes seconds.

In the early days of faxing, companies who relied heavily on the technology often found that they needed a lot of space to store all the documents they sent and received. Among the innovations offered by a fax to email service is the ability to keep a full digital archive of all documents sent and received. Instead of drawers and drawers of moldering documents, an automatically updated, cloud-based storehouse will keep perfect records.

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