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In 2014, SMB professionals will drop legacy office technologies like fax machines and landline phones to move those functions to the cloud with online faxing services like eFax® and virtual phone systems like eVoice®. They’ll shift more of their marketing energy to mobile apps and cloud-based email marketing tools. And because entrepreneurs understand how much mobile technology is changing work life for everyone, they will create more employee-friendly office cultures which will allow for flexible work schedules and casual dress.

Small and medium businesses are planning big changes this year. An extensive, year-end survey sent to more than 32,000 SMB users of eFax®, eVoice® and Campaigner® finds further evidence that SMB professionals are re-imagining how they work, where they work, and how business fits into their lives.

And the changes won’t stop there. SMB professionals are also rethinking their work-around-the-clock lifestyles — and planning to incorporate exercise and even relaxation into their busy schedules in 2014.  

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