“Fax? But I’m on the road. I don’t have time to print this thing out, sign it and send back a paper copy. Why do they insist on using a fax machine anyway?” Reasonable question. Who knows why your vendor, customer, mortgage agent, doctor’s office – or any of the other professionals you deal with from time to time – still use paper-based faxing?
Maybe they’re sentimental. Or maybe it’s just plain-old inertia that keeps them from upgrading their technology from the 1990s.
But that’s okay. Relax. No need run to a copy place. No need to print that document and sign it. No need to fax the hard copy. You already have all the tools you need to deal with that fax...right in your pocket.
What is an online fax service?
As you may know, eFax is an online fax service that lets you send and receives faxes online. That means your tech-challenged customer can send you their document as a paper fax, from a fax machine, and you'll receive it as a PDF document attached to an email. You can read the fax, make annotations, add your digitized signature and fax it back – all right from the eFax app on your mobile device.
Pretty cool, huh? We think so. But eFax offers you a few extra features that can also come in handy for a busy professional on the road. And don’t take our word for it – let our customers tell you what these features can do for you.
Share Large Files
With large file sharing, a standard component in your eFax account, you can send virtually any type of file that’s too big to email – presentations, video, audio, high-res images. Lisa Strauss, owner of Vacation Holdings, LLC, uses this feature all the time. “eFax’s large file sharing is extremely helpful with managing our vacation rental contracts,” she explains. “Now we don’t worry about emails bouncing back because the files are too large.”
Find Old Faxes Online
Another great bonus to using the eFax is the ability to store and easily retrieve any fax you’ve ever sent or received online. Real estate agent Jeff Annis, an eFax customer, loves this feature because it keeps him organized. Finding an old contract he sent or received through eFax is easy, he explains – so much easier than trying to find the hard copy buried on his desk. "I save gas, time, and since I only use recycled electrons, I’m reducing my carbon footprint and saving the environment," says Annis. "I noticed in my last two case files I had not printed any of the contract forms. They were already saved by eFax in my smartphone for easy access."
Sign Docs Online with Your Finger
Liz Logan is founder of Just Ask Liz, an independent web consulting company. Liz’s clients often send her contracts, NDAs and other legal documents to sign and fax back. That’s why she loves eFax’s digitized signature – which lets her sign these documents online, using only her finger, and then fax them back electronically. “With eFax,” Liz says, “I don’t need to print a 27-page document just to signed it and then scan and fax it back. I don’t even think about printing paper anymore.”
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