A Few Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Online Fax

Thursday, October 24, 2013 by The eFax Team

Here at eFax, we're passionate about helping customers solve business challenges. One key challenge many business professionals face in today's mobile environment is how to exchange critical business documents with customers and clients while on the go.

We can go on and on about mobility and the benefits an online fax service like eFax provides through such features as a toll free fax number, free fax phone apps, digitized signature, and large file sharing, but rather than us doing that, we thought we'd let some of our customers tell you...

BrickHouse Security

"eFax takes what is normally a very archaic process painfully burdened with a chaotic paper experience, and makes faxing move as smoothly as email,” said Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security. Based in New York, BrickHouse Security is the technology provider of choice for law enforcement agencies, corporate security departments, media outlets and consumers who need GPS tracking, security and surveillance or PC monitoring an cell phone monitoring solutions.“It’s simple, easy to manage our workflow, saves us time and most importantly doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks,” says Todd.

Datacorps Technology Solutions

“eFax makes faxing as easy as sending and receiving email," says Angel Rojas, founder of Datacorps Technology Solutions. It has also paid for itself several times over.” Angel founded Datacorps Technology Solutions in 2003 to offer small business best-in-class technologies to strengthen their ability to work smarter and faster, wherever their business may take them. "Since I’m constantly working on the fly, the portability and flexibility of being able to send and receive faxes from anywhere with my smartphone, iPad and laptop, enables me to run my business seamlessly," says Angel.

Liberty United

"An insurance business requires a ton of paperwork and shuffling through incoming faxes prevents me and my team from responding to prospects and clients," says Sam Muradyan, owner of Liberty United Insurance Service Inc. Liberty United is a North Hollywood-based company that provides insurance for family entertainment businesses. “Since our business started using eFax two years ago, we can effectively sort through our faxes in our inboxes and instantly send faxes with a click of the mouse. In turn, we have been able to secure more sales as we can connect with our customers five to six times faster than using a traditional fax machine.”

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