5 Green Reasons to Switch to Online Fax [Infographic]

Monday, November 02, 2015 by The eFax Team

Get rid of your fax machine and be a hero to your planet! Just because you need to fax doesn't mean you're tied to a fax machine. You can easily and affordably send and receive faxes entirely online. Here are 5 "green" reasons to switch to an online fax service like eFax.

73% of consumers want to know that companies they do business with have good environmental records.

1. Save the Trees!

Online fax services lets you send and receive them faxes by email. No need to print your faxes. You can review, annotate and even add your digitized signature to faxes online or in the eFax mobile fax app. Faxing online is easier, takes less time and costs less money. And it makes for thankful trees!

  • The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of standard copy paper each year.
  • Papermaking is responsible for 42% of all trees cut down each year by industry.

2. Reduce the Use of Toxic Chemicals

Each year millions of tons of dangerous substances are released into the environment during the papermaking process. Eliminating your fax machine and switching to online faxing can help reduce this danger. 

  • The US pulp and paper industry released 200 million pounds of hazardous chemicals into the environment in 2006.
  • A single pulp and paper company generates 400,000 pounds each year of the toxic pollutant methanol gas.

3. Recycling Your Fax Machine Helps Create New Tech Components

When you recycle your old fax machine, you're contributing to reducing the amount of energy needed to mine new materials to make new electronics and other useful products. 

  • Of the 2.25 million tons of electronic products disposed of in 2007, 80% ended up in landfills — with their precious metal and other useful-material content buried instead of extracted for reuse.
  • One metric ton of circuit boards, such as those found in fax machines, can contain 30 to 40 times the amount of gold mined from a metric ton of ore in the US. 

4. Eliminate Your Analog Fax Line

By moving your business faxing to the cloud with an online fax service, you help cut down on some of the energy consumption, which also helps the environment.

  • Landlines use 5 times the energy of cell phones in the US.
  • Nearly 25% of American homes had no landline phones, only wireless phone service, as of 2009.

5. Simplify Your Life

Traditional fax machines require storage and retrieval of hard-copy paper faxes. Searching for old faxes costs your business time and money. With an online fax service like eFax, all of your fax documents are stored electronically in the cloud, with life­time storage and easy search.

  • The total cost to businesses of using office paper is actually 13 to 31 times more than the price of the paper itself.
  • Simply storing and managing paper-based records costs 20 to 100 times more than keeping only electronic copies.


Making the switch to online faxing can mean not only that you're able to remove your fax machine — it might also mean no more bulky file cabinets!


5 Green Reasons to Switch to Online Faxing Infographic
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