4 Tips to Plan a Great Valentine’s Day for Busy SMB Professionals

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by The eFax Team

As it happens, the fact that you’re an on-the-go professional can actually help you plan a memorable celebration. Here are a few easy ideas for using your daily mountain-moving skills to plan a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

1. Make it a Valentine’s Week

One of the challenges a special occasion like Valentine’s Day presents is that society places serious pressure on the whole day to be perfect. We get one shot at it every year, so we demand that everything go just right. With your hectic schedule, what are the chances of that?

As a SMB professional, you’re also a creative thinker. So why not diffuse some of the pressure of The Big Day by extending the celebration across a few days or make it “Valentine’s Week”!

If one night you need to work late or sit in on a late night conference call, you can schedule a special Valentine’s dinner for the night before, or after. You can even schedule two nights out during the week, just tap into your creative, problem-solving skills. Sometimes, it's more the thought that counts.

2. Use technology to plan it right

You’re on your mobile device most of the day, right? Constantly refreshing email, checking friends’ Facebook status updates and maybe reading your Twitter feed.

You can also think of your smart phone as a great Valentine’s Day (or Week) planner. Going to dinner? Book reservations at just the right restaurant with OpenTable. Want to watch a movie? Buy tickets in advance at Fandango. Or if you’re planning a romantic movie-and-pizza-night at home, check your Netflix or Apple TV apps to see if any good Valentine’s Day-appropriate films are available to watch.  Plenty of options are right at your finger tips.

3. Start and end your work day early

Here’s where your mountain-moving skills really come into play. As a successful professional, you’re probably required to adjust to changes in your schedule. Now, it’s time to put those skills to work for you — and your significant other.

Whether you're in an office or work from home, plan to get your day started early so you can head out before you typically wrap up your day. Another benefit to this strategy is that you won’t have any interruptions.  You’ll actually get more work done — and more efficiently, too!

4. And if you can’t fully unplug from work…

Stay mobile. Let’s say you’re expecting a contract or document that requires your signature on the evening of Valentine’s Day. No problem! As long as you've got the apps on your mobile device to manage your business tasks, you won’t need to interrupt your quiet evening and excuse yourself to take care of business.

With the eFax mobile app for iPhone and Android, for example, you can receive, sign and then send faxes right from your smartphone. No need to print, scan or even leave the dinner table.  

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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