4 Benefits of Online Fax for Financial Professionals

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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The financial industry has experienced several major technology shifts in the last few years.

From the explosive growth of mobile applications to the sea change in cloud computing, the tools of the trade continue to adapt to finance professionals' need to keep up with the times. Much of the technology shift to the cloud is being driven by the need for increased mobility.

One example of this shift is the transition to online fax as opposed to utilizing traditional fax machines to transmit or receive sensitive, hand-signed documents.

According to the report "Efficiency in Wealth Management: Mobile at the Gates," U.S. wealth management firms have finally begun to take note of recent advances in mobile computing. Firms cognizant of this need are developing mobile strategies that consider which advisor applications should be made accessible and which mobile platforms should be supported.

Online fax services that offer mobile apps, such as eFax, allow finance professionals to send, receive, and even sign faxes on the go. This increased mobility, without disruption to transferring important documents, is bringing new benefits to finance professionals.

Four key benefits an online fax service with mobile apps offers:

1. View your faxes online

Which is worse: having to hover at the fax machine waiting for an important document to come through or stopping by later only to find that your document has disappeared? Both are bad for business, but there’s an answer. eFax delivers faxes directly to your email inbox. It’s private and it’s available in the office, at home, or on the road.

2. Sign on the (virtual) dotted line

In the financial sector, there are many occasions in which signed documents need to be turned around quickly. eFax allows financial professionals to add digitized signatures to their online documents directly from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. No need to find a printer, fax machine, or FedEx drop box.

3. Send file folders to the cloud

eFax makes it easier to keep track of important documents by automatically storing sent and received faxes. Professionals can digitally search, tag and annotate all their documents. This feature makes it possible to move beyond the leaning stacks of unsorted documents into a world of easily searched digital files – something that is sure to be applauded come tax season!

4. Share the big contracts

Financial advisors and bankers have to regularly email huge proposals and contracts. Many email servers cap the size of attachments, which can block these documents from ever being delivered. In addition to its faxing features, eFax provides large file sharing that allows users to email files up to 3GB – more than enough for your typical “big deal.”

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